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List of available services at Banjul International Airport

Information desk
An information desk is available in the main lobby of the airport. The reception staff can inform travelers and their companions about their flight, their experience at the airport or the formalities. Do not hesitate to call on them.
Holders of international credit cards such as Visa have the ability to withdraw money at the airport ATM. It distributes banknotes in Dalasi (GMD). A branch of Trust Bank is also open and allows currency change.

See also the exchange rates observed at the airport

VIP Lounge
The VIP Excel First Class Lounge is available at the departure lounge. Access is reserved for business or First class travelers of some airlines and for holders of VIP lounges cards.

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The Gambia has several 3G and 4G operators marketing SIM cards and 3G USB sticks for a cheap and fast internet access on your PC, tablet or phone. These chips are available for less than 2€ and can be activated at the airport resellers shops. For more information about these offers please visit the websites of Africell and QCell. Internet access is also available at the business center.
Stores and duty free shops
Several shops are available in the international duty free area and in the main halls of departure and arrival. Books, international newspapers, souvenirs, craft, ready-to-wear, postcards and stamps, phones, perfumes, electronic or tobacco products are all available for passengers and their companions.
Police & security
Banjul Airport is always concerned about the safety of passengers and aircraft. The police of the airport listen to all travelers. Security officers also ensure compliance with international standards. You can call them to report any suspicious activity. In addition, we remind you that leaving luggage unattended can cause its destruction and prosecution against you.
Call center
It is possible to obtain information on departures, arrivals, delays and other information by telephone calling the airport to the numbers in the contact page accessible via the top menu of this page.
Luggage scales
Each airline flying to The Gambia impose a different baggage allowance. It is important that every traveler comply with those rules under threat of being required to pay excess baggage fees that can be prohibitive. It is therefore recommended to weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. However, it is possible to weigh them on the balances available at check-in counters in order to lighten them if necessary.
Cabin baggage
Just like checked baggage, cabin baggage must meet a maximum size and weight. Airlines propose in the check-in area boxes to check if your cabin baggage meets the standards. Some passengers try at the time of boarding to carry more or different bags that those validated at check-in. They are exposed to leave their bags at the airport or to pay excess baggage fees in addition to delay the takeoff to the detriment of all travelers.
Last minute tickets
Passengers who have not had the time to buy their tickets or have missed their flights have the option to purchase a ticket at the airport (at generally higher rates). Correspondents of different travel agencies can offer these services.
The main hall and the departure lounge have free and clean toilets and sinks.
Bars and restaurants
The airport has bars / restaurants in the main hall and in the boarding area. You can eat there or consume various beverages, soft drinks or mineral water with a view of the surrounding area from the Atlantic airview Restaurant. Fast food (sandwiches) is also available.

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