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Statistics on airlines delays and punctuality

In order to better inform passengers flying from or to Banjul, we record in a database all flights who have suffered delays at takeoff or landing. Here you will find the main flights concerned.

The biggest delays recently noted:

Order by:
AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
TK599 on X/01/2021
AT579 on X/01/2021
SN221 on X/01/2021
SN217 on X/01/2021
TK599 on X/11/2020
SN221 on X/11/2020
VY7574 on X/11/2020
HC214 on X/03/2020
HC203 on X/03/2020
CD5111 on X/03/2020
HC213 on X/03/2020
HC203 on X/03/2020
KP22 on X/03/2020
HC203 on X/03/2020
HC203 on X/03/2020
HC213 on X/02/2020
HC214 on X/02/2020
HC213 on X/02/2020
HC203 on X/02/2020
CD1113 on X/02/2020
CD1113 on X/02/2020
HC203 on X/02/2020
HC213 on X/02/2020
HC214 on X/02/2020
HC213 on X/01/2020
CD1111 on X/01/2020
9304 on X/01/2020
CD1113 on X/01/2020
9204 on X/01/2020
HC214 on X/01/2020
HC213 on X/01/2020
HC213 on X/01/2020
HC203 on X/12/2019
HC213 on X/12/2019
HC203 on X/12/2019
HC214 on X/12/2019
HC213 on X/11/2019
P47666 on X/11/2019
HC203 on X/11/2019
HC213 on X/11/2019
HC213 on X/11/2019
HC214 on X/11/2019
HC203 on X/10/2019
HC203 on X/10/2019
HC203 on X/10/2019
HC203 on X/09/2019
HC203 on X/09/2019
HC203 on X/09/2019
HC203 on X/08/2019
HC203 on X/08/2019
HC203 on X/08/2019
KP20 on X/08/2019
HC203 on X/07/2019
OR455 on X/06/2019
CD1111 on X/04/2019
CD1111 on X/04/2019
DK394 on X/04/2019
MT1622 on X/03/2019
MT1622 on X/03/2019
CD1111 on X/11/2018
OR453 on X/04/2018
OR459 on X/04/2018
DK392 on X/03/2018
CD593 on X/03/2018
DK896 on X/03/2018
CD1311 on X/02/2018
OR452 on X/10/2017
MT1032 on X/12/2016
ATRAM579 on X/06/201632mn
ATRAM579 on X/06/201625mn
VYVLG7574 on X/06/20161h27mn
ORTFL456 on X/06/20161h15mn
ATRAM579 on X/06/201629mn
VYVLG7574 on X/06/20161h38mn
ATRAM579 on X/06/20167mn
TCX1032 on X/02/20161h3mn
TCX1033 on X/02/201647mn
VY7575 on X/01/201624mn
VY7574 on X/01/20167mn
TCX1032 on X/01/201610mn
TCX1409 on X/01/20168mn
YW6900 on X/01/201610mn
TCX1053 on X/01/201610mn
TCX2473 on X/01/201620mn
AT579 on X/01/201613mn
VY7575 on X/01/20168mn
TCX2472 on X/01/20166mn
TCX4133 on X/01/201630mn
TCX1033 on X/01/201650mn
TCX1408 on X/01/201613mn
TCX1409 on X/01/201610mn
TCX2423 on X/01/201658mn
TCX4133 on X/01/201612mn
TCX1033 on X/01/20161h10mn
TCX1409 on X/01/201625mn
TCX1408 on X/01/201620mn
VY7575 on X/01/20166mn
VY7574 on X/01/201621mn
TCX2469 on X/01/20161h22mn
TCX2468 on X/01/20161h27mn
TCX2423 on X/01/201625mn
TCX2422 on X/01/201625mn
TCX1053 on X/12/20151h10mn
TCX2472 on X/12/201510mn
VY7574 on X/12/201555mn
TCX2473 on X/12/201510mn
VY7575 on X/12/201554mn
TCX1033 on X/12/20151h32mn
TCX1409 on X/12/20151h0mn
VY7575 on X/12/201523mn
VY7574 on X/12/201526mn
TCX1032 on X/12/20157mn
TCX1408 on X/12/201523mn
AT583 on X/12/201535mn
TCX2469 on X/12/201525mn
TCX2422 on X/12/20151h28mn
TCX2423 on X/12/20151h15mn
TCX1052 on X/12/201533mn
TCX2472 on X/12/20158mn
TCX4133 on X/12/20151h35mn
TCX4132 on X/12/20151h38mn
TCX1032 on X/12/201520mn
AT579 on X/12/201515mn
TCX1053 on X/12/20151h0mn
TCX2472 on X/12/201510mn
TCX4133 on X/12/20151h10mn
TCX4132 on X/12/20151h35mn
TCX1033 on X/12/201555mn
VY7575 on X/12/201515mn
YW6900 on X/12/201510mn
TCX2469 on X/12/201525mn
VY7574 on X/12/201534mn
TCX2468 on X/12/201528mn
TCX2472 on X/12/201520mn
TCX2473 on X/12/201525mn
TCX4132 on X/12/201520mn
TCX1033 on X/11/201540mn
VY7575 on X/11/201546mn
YW6900 on X/11/201522mn
VY7574 on X/11/201546mn
YW6900 on X/11/201524mn
TCX1032 on X/11/201520mn
TCX1408 on X/11/20151h15mn
TCX1409 on X/11/201530mn
YW6900 on X/11/201513mn
TCX1053 on X/11/201530mn
TCX2473 on X/11/201550mn
TCX1032 on X/11/201514mn
VY7574 on X/11/201511mn
YW6900 on X/11/201544mn


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